Our fourty year started  at 1973,when we got Bakos Medical Laboratory , at that time the nomber of all medical laboratories are less than in whole Alexandria City.
Fortunately..by 1974 after the wonderful victory,of October war,Egypt started a period  of economic and open up towards western technology, leading of introducing high tech. western
Equipments replacing underdeveloped  eastern equipments, and at this time the journey of 1000
Miles started and till now is continuous , by getting updated high tech., and high quality and
Productivity equipments and  medical laboratories got marvelous steps. In these decades added
High advanced steps in diagnosis of diseases.
By time we expanded our activity , and served Victoria district through our El-Galaa laboratory at
1995, and finally we got Syria laboratory at 2010 , to serve Roushdy district.
In all our progress we mentioned, always our strategy of upgrading our equipments and techniques and in the same time human rating in pricing and we  believe that God always reward
Those people who have mercy.and still our symbol is always PIONEERING AND UPGRADING.


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